Give From Your Sole!

Yoga restores your physical balance. Meditation restores your mental balance. Juil sandals restore your natural balance of energy. The exclusive Energy Flow Technology™ channels the free electrons inherent in the earth’s surface. That’s what our little copper conductors are all about.

Traditional footwear blocks the flow of natural, rejuvenating energies — which can impact your physical and mental wellbeing in negative, harmful ways. The free radicals commonly associated with inflammatory and degenerative diseases are dispersed and neutralized when you stay connected to the earth.

Juil sandals keep you connected and in harmony with vital energies by keeping you grounded. When you’re grounded, you’re more likely to feel physically and mentally energized, to notice less chronic tension and pain and to experience a heightened sense of presence. 

Wearing Juil sandals, you’ll feel more alive — in body and spirit. 

We donate $10 to charity for every pair sold. Look for our table at Sundae Sermon or enter the Karma Code W01NYSEVEN on Juil.com. Sept -Oct the recipient is 116th Street Food Bank.  Please call 917-723-7162 for more info!

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Seven is an internationally licensed and respected Esthetician, Beauty Educator & Expert with over 15 years experience. Her expertise is in electrotherapy also referred to as “microcurrent” – a treatment that increases muscle tone, reverses cellular aging and quickens healing time of both face and body.