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  • image Virtual Consultations

    On January 20th, Harlem Skin Clinic will begin providing virtual skincare consultations with Beauty Expert Seven Brown. In-house appointments are still welcome. An additional virtual service,  helps to create a streamline and more personalized experience for more clients.  Assessments of specific conditions, general questions or  complete lifestyle changes are welcome. Virtual consultations happen in the Continue Reading

  • image At Long Lash!

    Thanks to recent innovations, lashes are no longer something we merely paint mascara onto—they’re a canvas we can manipulate to our liking. So when I report that Harlem Skin Clinic now offers a Full Set of customized Lavish Lash Extensions for the client who wants to look like she has mascara on all the time it time Continue Reading

  • Razor_1296244767_5801 The Shave

    Did our grandfathers know something we didn’t about shaving? They just might have. Proper shaving method truly has become a lost art. Somehow over the last few decades, the traditional wet shave has gone by the wayside, displaced by cheap disposable shaving products. This might be thanks to ever increasing busy schedules or clever marketing Continue Reading

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  • HSC Is Moving!

    We’re moving! Check out our recent newsletter with the info HERE!

  • Sonya Heller Live! On Kickstarter

    This month, I’d like to give a shout out in support of one of our favorite clients and, as it turns out, amazing singer/songwriter Sonya Heller! She’s got a Kickstarter campaign in motion running thru October 30th for her new album “17 WEST.” She’ll also be treating us to a free house concert streamed live Continue Reading

  • Love Eucalyptus!

    The eucalyptus flower is an aromatic healer. Although the dried leaves and oils from the eucalyptus trees are mainly used for medicinal purposes, they also help treat acne, calm inflammation, and heal wounds!